Prentiss County Development Association is composed of area businesses, organizations and individuals who believe that through united action, the progress of Prentiss County can be materially enhanced and that living conditions can be continuously improved. The members of PCDA pledge our good faith effort to combine our time, our efforts and our resources to foster and enhance economic development in our county and our state. We recognize the identity of our association lies in the character, integrity and actions of each of us. PCDA continuously strives to excel at the following:

  • Fostering and enhancing economic development by providing appropriate support and encouragement to our existing businesses and industries.
  • Maintaining a strong commitment for seeking new businesses and industries by coordinating the maximum use of all community resources.
  • Partnering with state and regional economic development entities to extend local marketing efforts.
  • Working with local government officials and others to prepare the community for long-term economic development priorities.
  • Conducting ourselves in a manner that creates a positive image for our association and our county.
  • Being a tool for local elected officials and the private sector in preparing the community for the future.
  • Meeting challenges with innovation and creativity.
  • Having vision to see not only what is, but what can be.
  • Being an initiator and catalyst to accomplish timely and needed programs and projects.