Existing Industry Program

PCDA fosters relationships with the existing, industrial companies in Prentiss County. PCDA serves as a liaison for companies to local, state and regional agencies in order to ensure an equitable and business friendly climate. PCDA works closely with existing employers to maximize their success through facilitating partnerships, positioning for growth, and leveraging that growth for financial incentives. PCDA takes pride in the industry base that calls Prentiss County, Mississippi home and will continue to serve them to the best of our ability. Annually PCDA recognizes an “Industry of the Year” for both its contributions through employment and capital investment and its community involvement. If you should have questions regarding the possible expansion of a business please contact us at 662-728-3505.

Industrial Recruitment

A growing and diverse industry base is key to long term progress. PCDA is actively recruiting new industry to the area. Our partners in economic development are from local, state, and regional agencies and from both private firms and governmental bodies. PCDA works closely with these partners to market Prentiss County and its assets. From the development of industrial property, infrastructure improvements,  utility rates, workforce training resources, mapping and demographics, it is PCDA’s role to work to improve these areas to maximize our competitiveness for economic development projects. PCDA works closely with prospective companies to maximize their potential for success here in Prentiss County, including negotiating for local, state and federal incentives.

Community Development

PCDA supports is chamber of commerce partners in Prentiss County both financially and in practice. PCDA takes a role in promoting positive growth and development with the municipal and county governments. As a function of community development, the association also places a focus of workforce training and job placement. PCDA partners closely with Northeast Mississippi Community College on various initiatives to promote workforce training as well as hosts an annual job fair for local, existing industry.