About Prentiss County

Prentiss County is a great place to live, work, and do business — it’s that simple.

It’s a great place to live because it offers the open, friendly feel of small-town or rural living but with convenient access to good schools, shopping, health care, sporting events, historic sites, and outdoor recreation areas. The cost of living is low compared to the national average, and quality housing is very affordable.

It’s a great place to work because the county has seven major employers and a large number of jobs in the commercial, retail, health care, government, education, and other sectors. The employment rate is high, and the rate of job growth is brisk under normal economic conditions. There are over 280,000 jobs within a 60-minute drive or less.

It’s a great place to do business because industrial and commercial sites and buildings are readily available at several locations, and the county and municipal governments are very cooperative in accommodating the needs of new and expanding businesses. Access to a well-prepared labor pool and to publicly supported workforce training programs are additional advantages.

2017 Statistics

  • Population Size: 25,541
  • Labor Force Size: 10,512
  • Median Household Income: $31,116
  • Percent of Adults with a 4 Year degree: 11.4%
  • Population Growth Rate 2000-2010: -1.1%
Source: ESRI, 2017